Holographic Film


Holographic Film

We offer a wide range of polyester holographic film. Our production unit is installed with advanced embossing machines, which help us in the mass production of high quality holographic films. Moreover, we have our own facilities to provide coating, embossing and metallizing of holographic films.


We provide holographic films in all the important holographic formats including 2D, 3D, dot matrix etc. The available thicknesses of different films are as follows:

Products Thickness
Polyester Film 12,23,50 Microns


Our holographic film are used for flexible packaging and labeling of a wide range of industrial and consumer products. These films are also used for promotional brochures and security stickers. The product-wise application of our range is enlisted below

Products End Use
Polyester Film Flexible Laminates, Labels
Polyester Film Decorative Applications, Textile Industry

Product Feature

Our holographic films are very thin and flexible plastic films that have been micro-embossed with holographic images or patterns. These images or patterns provide a 3-D effect and spectral colouring. During the embossing process, several tiny grooves are placed into the surface of the film at different angles and in different shapes, which ultimately cause the diffraction of regular white light into spectral colouring.