Hot Melt Film


Hot Melt Film

Polyester hot-melt adhesive films are designed to show excellent adhesion to variety of fabrics. They show high bond strength, have good heat resistance and exhibit excellent chemical resistance. Polyester adhesive films have a stiff hand and are typically not suited for application where elasticity is required.

Product Introduction

Hot melt adhesive film, known as hot melt glue, hot melt back adhesive, is composed of hot melt adhesive film layer.
At normal temperature,it is similar to ordinary film, after heating, producing stickiness. Its heating and pressing
process is simple, and has high peel strength, wash&dry cleaning resistance, it’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Product Features

  • Rapid adhesion, wide bonding range, easy to operate.
  • Uniform weight distribution on film surface, fully adhesive.
  • Single layer or multilayer lamination.
  • With good elasticity, tensile force, folding strength, and wash resistance.