Metallized Film


Metallized Film

Our range of metalized plastic films includes metalized polyester films, metalized CPP films, metalized OPP films, metalized Paper films, metalized BOPP films. With in-house production unit equipped with state-of-the-art machines, we have the capacity to produce metalizing plastic films in various specifications of microns and optical density. In addition to this, our metalized films provide an excellent barrier against light, moisture, gases, etc.

Products Types

Our metalized plastic films are given as follows:

Metalized Polyester Film

Metalized polyester film is best suited for flexible lamination and holograms. However, the wide known application includes twist wraps for candies. Metallic polyester film is produced through micro slitting process to ensure consistent weight and uniform coating

Film Type Main Features Thickness Available
( In Microns )
Main Application
Packaging grade metallised film High barrier aluminium metal is protected with a food compatible lacquer 8,10,12& 23 Packaging - Printing & Lamination
Packaging grade metallised unlacquered film High barrier metallised film without protective lacquer. 8,10,12& 23 Packaging -Printing & lamination
Yarn grade metallised film with dyeing guarantee Metallised film with clear / colour lacquer on both sides suitable for metallic yarn. 12 ,23& 30 For Metallic Yarn suitable for textile dying & knitting
Holographic film Metallised film with clear / colour lacquer on both sides suitable for Decoration and other Special Applications 12,23,48 & 75 Glitter Powder,  Hot  Melt Products & Other Special Applications